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logo mobile app developers new york city

Mobile App Developers, New York City

We are a mobility focused company. Our App developers will turn your mobile ideas into action.

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Mobile App Development in New York City

We are your very own mobile app development team.
Our software company will create the mobile app that you're dreaming of.
Click here to get more info on app developers for hire in New York.

App Idea

You landed here because you have a mobile app idea. Something in your mind is claiming to become real.

App definition

After emailing us, you will analyze and define your idea with one of our mobile app consultants in NYC.

App Development

Once your mobile app's functional requirements are clear, our app developers will start coding.

App Launch & Promotion

After your app is fully developed and tested, we will upload it to App Store and Google Play. Now the fun begins!

BI Consulting

Track how people use apps in order to know how they behave, which sections are most/least visited and why.


Improve your app. Our developers will make it appealing and easier to use, and of course sexier. Engage more users to a best ROI.

Why choose us as your mobile app developers in New York City?

We are Abalit Technologies, a mobile app development company headquartered in Barcelona with offices in New York City, Madrid and London. Our mission is to develop mobile apps that your customers will enjoy using. Our developers will find the best way to suit your mobile needs.

Our job is also our greatest passion, so you will benefit from mobile app development in New York by:

  • In-house team

  • +200 apps

  • Servers

  • Confidentiality

  • Engaging apps

  • US and EU

  • Understanding

  • Customizable

Let's meet! we are at the Empire State Building (59th floor), 350 5th av. 10118 - NYC. We are waiting for you.

From Europe to the United States

We are based in New York City, with over 200 app development projects carried all over the world. Send us an e-mail today and get a free quote.

Mobile app development

Start your app today, don't waste your valuable time. Contact our app development team in New York, we will get back to you within 48h.

Mobile app design

Our in-house designers are ready to translate your idea into a mobile app conceptualization. However, you can work with your own app designer.

On time app delivery

The market never sleeps. We develop mobile apps and deliver them in time. You can check the status of the development at any time.

Fresh designs make better apps

Let's talk about your project. Let's give shape to your idea. Let's develop your mobile app!

Second chances do not exist. Do not take risks when hiring a team of mobile app developers in New York.

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We are Abalit Technologies, a company that will turn your mobile ideas into action...


Our mobile app development company in New York City will carry your project accomplishing to the hig...


The best Android (and also iPhone and iPad) mobile app developers in New York ready...


We are the mobile app design team you were looking for in New York...

We hope you enjoyed browsing our site! Our app developers are willing to help you turning your thoughts into a useful mobile App.

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Let's start developing your app today

Come to New York City and meet one of our mobile app development consultants.
Free of charge, of course. You can email us at info(at)appsnewyork.com

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